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Last time, you learned the basics of animation by creating aframe-by-frame motion clip. This time, find out how Flash's powerfultweening tools can help you create good-looking animation clips withminimal time and effort. Also covered: shape hints and motion guides.

  1. Flash 101 (part 3): Bouncing Around
  2. For The Cool In You
  3. The Colour Purple
  4. A Tint Of Scarlet
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  8. Curves In All The Right Places
  9. Taking A Hint...Or Two...Or Three
By: icarus, (c) Melonfire
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December 27, 2000

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How about something a little more complex? Go back to frame #10, right-click the ellipse, and choose the Scale option. Modify the ellipse by pulling the scaling handles until you have something that looks like this:

Play the clip again - your ellipse should change shape while its moving across the Stage.

Let's add a little colour shift as well, shall we? With the instance in frame #10 still selected, pop open the Window -> Panels -> Effect dialog, and choose "Tint" from the drop-down menu. Pick a tint colour - the fill colour of the flattened ellipse in frame #10 should immediately change to the selected colour.

When you play the clip, your ellipse will not only change shape, but colour too.

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