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You can find Flash almost everywhere on the web, adding its magic touch to web sites. ActionScript makes it work. If you're thinking of making your web site a little more flashy, keep reading for an overview.

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By: Joe eitel
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June 29, 2009

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As previously mentioned, most people are familiar with the most common Flash applications. Everyone would recognize a basic interactive Flash menu on one of their favorite websites if it was pointed out to them. Likewise, most people are familiar with at least one or two free online games that have been developed in Flash. It is perfect for such applications, and therefore has seen a great deal of usage in those specific circumstances.

Flash is also used in other circumstances where it is more subtle and less known. For instance, many corporations use Flash in relatively small applications on their websites. These smaller sections feature trendy design and flashy graphics that appeal to a specific audience (typically a younger generation). In these situations, Flash is tremendously more attractive for the intended audience. Coincidentally, it is also the audience that is most likely to be able to see the Flash content. The younger audience is generally more technologically savvy and will have faster computers and Internet connections.

As one example, the MyCokeRewardssection of the Coca-Cola website is designed entirely with Flash. The result is that it looks very nice and attractive to its users. However, if you have a slower computer or Internet connection, you may be out of luck. Fortunately for Coke, they are not very worried about catering this individual promotion to those that are more likely to have slow computers and Internet connections.

100% Flash websites serve much the same purpose as the smaller Flash sections on corporate websites. They are typically trendy websites, like the ones for DJs, artists, or restaurants and night clubs. Flash is a good fit in these circumstances for the same reasons mentioned previously. By developing with Flash, these companies are able to bring a much more dynamic element to their websites that is more likely to attract the attention of their intended audiences.

Interestingly, the field of Flash development is still growing at a rapid rate. New versions of the program and player are being released nearly every year. As a result, the uses and applications of Flash are developing at an equally rapid rate. It is difficult to tell what the future versions of Flash will have to offer. However, it is certain that Flash will continue to bring a dynamic and flashy edge to the Internet that would otherwise be lacking.

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