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You can find Flash almost everywhere on the web, adding its magic touch to web sites. ActionScript makes it work. If you're thinking of making your web site a little more flashy, keep reading for an overview.

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By: Joe eitel
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June 29, 2009

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On the graphic end, Flash has most of the main features that other graphic development suites (such as Adobe Photoshop) offer. If you have ever used Microsoft Paint, then you are probably familiar with some basic implementations of these features. Of course, there are nuances to designing with Flash, but mastery of these techniques simply takes time and familiarity with the program.

The one area in which Flash blows away the competition is—logically—animation. Flash was the first program to offer the capability and control of animation that it does. While its abilities have evolved over time, Flash has always been the undisputed master of computer two-dimensional animation programs. Animating in the program is as easy as a few clicks, but can be controlled so well that experienced animators will have no problem creating an explosion or animating a pencil writing words.

In typical website implementation, the full features of Flash are never seen. Most Flash on websites simply consists of an interactive navigation menu with moving and flashing buttons and sounds. For these purposes, Flash is a very simple tool that provides for great functionality. The difference between a website with a menu designed in Flash and one with a static menu is phenomenal.

Some sites make slightly more use of Flash by having the entire website designed using the program. These websites typically look very trendy and have no difficulty attracting and holding the attention of their potential audiences. Unfortunately, there are many down sides to such implementation that limit their effectiveness for smaller websites.

The full potential of Flash is only realized with a limited number of applications. Among those are online games. Anyone who has been bored at work or school has probably found their way to Flash games online. These often simple games are brightly colored and feature fast-paced animation that can entertain a bored individual for hours on end. Flash is absolutely perfect for this use.

Flash lends itself to simple shapes, bright colors, and quick animations. Coincidentally, these are the same features that most free online games contain. However, what Flash really offers that is of tremendous value to online game developers is the quick and easy power that comes with ActionScript.

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