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Lately, Ubuntu has gained a lot of recognition. It has become the world’s most popular Linux distribution. It’s an up-to-date operating system that focuses on usability, flexibility, and most importantly, providing a seamless Linux environment for the average user. In this article we’re going to present Wubi, a Windows-based Ubuntu installer that acts just like any other typical Windows application installer.

  1. Wubi: Windows-based Ubuntu Installer
  2. How Does it Work?
  3. Putting Wubi in Action
  4. Final Thoughts
By: Barzan "Tony" Antal
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January 27, 2009

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As you can see we have reached the end of this article. We presented Wubi, the official Windows-based Ubuntu installer that helps beginning users get acquainted with Ubuntu. The installer process couldn’t be easier, because it acts like a typical Windows installation. The un-installation process also works really well. 

There is a related project that is called Lubi. It works exactly like Wubi does. The only difference is that the host operating system is Linux, and it installs Ubuntu on it. Its abbreviated name comes from Linux Ubuntu Installer. Rumors are that a new version may also be developed that would support Mac. It should be called Mubi

Wubi is an easy Ubuntu installer that shouldn’t be missed by any beginner who would like to test drive some Linux distribution but somehow is scared of losing his or her important data, risking the current operating system, and so forth. It’s a seamless process that just works (in both directions). It shouldn’t be confused with virtualization (like Virtual PC, VMware, VirtualBox) because Ubuntu will physically exist on the system. 

It’s time for us to end this article, but before we go, we’d like to wholeheartedly suggest checking out the official WubiGuide (located at the Ubuntu Wiki). Also, there is a dedicated section at Ubuntu Forums just for “Wubi.” You may also check it out here

And finally, we can’t really finish without inviting you to join our helpful forums at DevHardware Forums. We’ve a strong base of resident professionals, enthusiasts, and tech experts. If you want to hear opinions on some service or ask for some clarification regarding some details, just shoot us your questions. We’ll do our best to help. And you should also want to pay a visit to the forums of our sister site: DevShed Forums.

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