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Wubi: Windows-based Ubuntu Installer

Lately, Ubuntu has gained a lot of recognition. It has become the world’s most popular Linux distribution. It’s an up-to-date operating system that focuses on usability, flexibility, and most importantly, providing a seamless Linux environment for the average user. In this article we’re going to present Wubi, a Windows-based Ubuntu installer that acts just like any other typical Windows application installer.

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By: Barzan "Tony" Antal
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January 27, 2009

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I'm not saying that Ubuntu’s default installer isn’t easy; in fact, it is. Wubi, however, tries to give users another option for test-driving the operating system. Installing Ubuntu via Wubi is a seamless, discreet process that is also fast, safe, and very simple. Obviously, it’s free of charge, just like anything within the open source community.



If you haven't been living under a rock, then you are already familiar with the way Windows applications are installed and uninstalled. A typical Windows installation setup features windows with numerous steps through which you cycle, clicking "Next" every so often. Installing any other operating system, especially Linux, never was that easy until Wubi was born. If you were afraid to install Linux… now’s the time! 

Another thing that concerns many first-time users of Linux is picking the “right” distribution along with the correct version for their hardware. There is no such thing as the ideal Linux distribution. However, Ubuntu is one of the best distros to begin with—it is a fully-functional, stable, reliable, feature-laden operating system that aims to please the needs of every average user. It’s also very easy to work with. 

Ubuntu can be tried out using the Live CD, but this option isn’t the best long-term solution; every time you reboot, any configuration changes, options, and every other modification you have made disappears. Yes, there are ways to save them, but those are workarounds.  The “real” way to install Ubuntu requires partitioning, which may scare some users. It means splitting your HDD into more segments and allocating partitions for it. 

Wubi is the most seamless installation of Ubuntu that offers a good long-term test-drive. It is a safe process that can always be reversed, simply by uninstalling it. The installer, Wubi, downloads the appropriate (also the latest) Ubuntu version (ISO image) from the official servers and begins to install the operating system on the destination of your choice. It can be installed anywhere without partitioning, formatting, or anything scary. 

Now that your interest is high, let’s find out what Wubi is all about. 

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