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A lot of people are stuck in a rut, a complete web browsing rut. You use the same browser over and over again in the same old ways. It is a shame if you are one of those people. You are only cheating yourself out of the rich variety that the web has to offer you. It's time to explore the many other browser flavors out there. This article will give you a taste.

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By: Katie Gatto
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July 09, 2009

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Firefox may be the most well-known open source web browser, but it's hardly the only one out there. Take a look at some of the other ones.


This browser isn't available as a stand-alone; it becomes part of the K Desktop Environment. This means it is available to users who are using UNIX.

This web browser distinguishes itself because it also has functions that allow it to work as both a file manager and a file viewer. The browser is compatible with SSL and HTML version 4.0 as well as Java and JavaScript.

It also supports plug-ins for Flash and QuickTime, but if you want to be able to use those plug-ins, their path must be able to run on your operating system. The plug-ins will not be able to stand alone in just the browser.

Conqueror runs on an HTML rendering engine known as KHTML. Some users, however have been able to configure it to be compatible with the gecko engine.


The Epiphany web browser project began in 2002, but a major overhaul came in 2005 when it was merged with Galleon. It is based on Mozilla's gecko HTML rendering engine, which is in itself because it runs with the Gnome integrated front-end rendering engine as well. This makes it ideal for gnome-based desktops.

A major feature of Epiphany is the categorization of bookmarks, which allow your bookmarks to be arranged into categories like "most frequent" instead of being tied to traditional folders. Epiphany also supports some of the standard features you expect and web browser, such as tabbed browsing, the management of cookies, and pop-up blocking.

Galleon, the web browser that Epiphany merged with in 2005, is still available as a plug-in for Epiphany. Gallon is often touted as one of the most zen web browsers, because it was intentionally designed without all of the multifunctional features on which Web browsers have come to depend.

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