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To American IT workers, "offshoring" has become synonymous with "unpatriotic" and "unemployment." But for people in China, India, Singapore, and other countries where the corporations are moving their operations, "outsourcing" and "offshoring" are good news. "If it's the case that you're still in a developing country, you are one lucky person and should just stay right where you are."

  1. See You in Beijing
  2. The McDonaldization of the IT Industry
  3. How Wall Street Discovered Offshoring
  4. The Full Impact
By: Ian Felton
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August 26, 2004

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So what is going to happen to Americans once the full impact of the global high-tech shift occurs? Think back to when you started college and showed up to Calculus and half of the class originated from India or China. If you ever spoke to any of them you may have learned that they made huge sacrifices in order to come to America for an education and a good job. You may have learned that there weren’t opportunities in their country. You may have learned that for decades they focused with laser-like concentration on learning and mastering the details of their future trade just to have a shot at being one of the few to make it. From the time that many of those people were born, everyday, was lived to fulfill one objective.

Now look at the modern American teenager. Look at the situation we have in this country when the majority of teens are more concerned with their favorite celebrity than with learning about -- well, just about anything. How many of America’s youth would have the motivation or even the basic skills to go to another country for an education or a job?

Not only has the intelligence of the average American deteriorated, the level of character has deteriorated with it. Not only are skills lacking, so is motivation.

In a short period of time, every company on Wall Street will realize that for 10% of the cost, they can receive 500% productivity by giving a high-tech job to someone in India or China instead of an American. The money going back into those economies will create the means to educate even more high-tech workers who are banging on the doors to have an education while Americans are banging on the doors of Starbucks. Instead of seeing math and computer science classes in American universities filled up with people from India and China, there will just be a sign on the door that says, “Class Cancelled. See You in Beijing.”

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