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Outsourcing IT to foreign countries is a big and emotional topic for a lot of people (especially in the United States), with career IT professionals now living in fear that their jobs will go to bright-eyed and bushy-tailed southeast Asians. Recent budget reports of several companies, however, seem to contradict the fears. Is it possible that the fear of outsourcing is at best exaggerated and at worst an outright lie?

  1. Outsourcing: the Hoopla, the Reality
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  4. Full Disclosure
By: Akinola Akintomide
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March 14, 2008

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Lest any one think I am a rabid xenophobe intent on destroying the outsourcing market, I am a Nigerian who has directly profited from jobs being shipped from all over the world. I have worked with people from the Philippines to California. 

When I got to the United States, the quality of service was extremely high. The prices were also sufficiently high enough to continue shipping all contract work I get overseas, with savings of close to or over 20 percent.

That said, out sourcing can save money, but not forever. And in a truly global economy, it will get IT work done at the same quality at rock bottom prices.

The mantra that outsourcing saves money is still trumpeted. This is good for Bangalore, Prague, Buenos Aires, and even for me! I got my first tech job while sitting in front of a computer in Nigeria, and my second ... and my third. Web design, programming, tech writing, even SEO services fled the shores of the first world and landed on my door step.

In truth, I did (hopefully) save the companies I worked for -- and some that I still work for, including this one -- money. So I am definitely not saying outsourcing should stop. I am just saying it should not be taken for granted. It should definitely not be taken for granted that it will save a company time, money and headaches. As with any other business, you get what you pay for.

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