Learn These 10 Programming Languages

eWeek recently wrote an article that showed the top 10 programming languages developers should consider focusing on over the next few years. According to Deborah Rothberg, by learning these programming languages, you can not only keep but advance your career.

Topping the list of eWeek’s top 10 programming languages were four open-source languages, and only 2 our of the 10 were Microsoft based languages (C# and VB.Net, specifically).  Rothberg gives some depth to the article as well, explaining in brief why each language was chosen and showing the number of nationwide opportunities according to searches on dice.com.  While written in August, 2006, the paradigms hold true today which is cause for happiness…since now we can focus our craft.

Check out Rothberg’s article on eWeek: 10 Programming Languages You Should Learn Now.


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