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How to Replace an Invalid Windows XP Installation with Ubuntu

Let us assume that you do not love your invalid Windows XP anymore, can't afford to buy a license, and have some important files on it that you can just transfer to a flash drive or Windows Sky drive (a free online hard drive service by Windows). Then the best solution is to replace your computer's operating system with Linux Ubuntu. Keep reading and we'll show you how and why.

  1. How to Replace an Invalid Windows XP Installation with Ubuntu
  2. The important preparation
  3. Burn the ISO Image installer onto one CD-R
  4. The hard disk configuration
By: Codex-M
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December 22, 2008

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In developing countries, software piracy is extremely rampant; it runs to almost all computers! The reason is that everybody loves Windows and fears changing to another operating system. The root cause of this problem is that they think Windows XP is cheap; after all, they can just buy it on the street.

No it is not, my friend; Windows XP is expensive and costs you money. Though you can install and run an invalid CD, the risk is high. Here are two reasons you should not do it:

  • If Windows notices the software is invalid on the install/re-install, it will require an activation key, which lasts only for 30 days. Failing to activate will result in startup problems with Windows XP. What is much worse, I have heard cases of an activation key or key generator software provided in the invalid disc that contain Trojan viruses that send sensitive information to hackers.
  • An invalid version of Windows XP won't update, which increases the risk of your computer catching spyware and virus infections that could permanently damage it. Free anti-spyware and anti-virus programs cannot cure this issue and will not serve as a replacement for important Windows updates.

I am more concerned with the second point. Failure to update Windows XP will result to some disaster soon, as lots of hackers will install malicious codes and spyware on your computer that cannot be detected using ordinary spyware cleaners.

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