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This tutorial will teach you, in a straightforward manner, how to install Xampp (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl) on a computer using a Windows operating system, and install Joomla on it to test and develop your own website or blog.

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  2. Installing Joomla Locally on a WAMPP
By: TitoOrtiz
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November 10, 2011

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Installing Joomla Locally on a WAMPP

To begin installing Joomla on your WAMPP, you will need to download the CMS (Content Managament System). You can find it at:


Once the file finishes downloading, you will need to create a new folder named “joomla” in the htdocs folder of your xampp directory, usually located at: C:\xampp\htdocs and drag the .zip file into it..

Unzip the file and wait for it to extract. Once it does, open a browser and navigate to http://localhost/joomla. This will begin the installation process. A screen such as the following should appear:

Choose the language you wish to use and click the Next button.

Next, the Pre-Installation check page will load. If you see a “No” in any of the fields, take the necessary actions to fix the issue and begin the process again. If everything says “Yes”, click the “Next” button.

The next page that loads is the License page. If you agree to the terms of the license, click the Next button to proceed.

After agreeing to the terms, the Database Configuration page appears. For the MySQL database name, type in "test". Use "localhost" as the hostname, and "root" for the username. Then click the Next button.

You can configure you FTP settings on the next page if you like or skip it if not. Once done, click on the Next button again to go to the configuration page. Fill out the site name (for example: Test), your e-mail address, admin name, and password. You can also install sample data (I recommend you do this) by clicking on the Install Sample Data button. Once completed, click the Next button once more.

To finalize installation, click the Remove Installation Folder button. This is very important to ensure your install works properly. After the files have been deleted, click the Site button

Your Joomla test site will now be installed. From here you can do anything you could do with a normal Joomla installation, including creating pages, installing themes, and configuring your test site.

To visit the site, all you have to do is enter in the URL: http://localhost/joomla/


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