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In his last class, he taught you the basics of vi, the powerful *NIX text editor. Now Elias Flootburger returns in this hilarious sequel to theoriginal "Vi 101" tutorial. This time, the good professor has his handsfull with abbreviations, key mappings, autocommands and vi's powerfulvisual mode...not to mention his own out-of-control ego!Note: Most of the material in this article covers vim, the enhanced version of vi that is preinstalled on most modern *NIXes.

  1. Vi 201
  2. Liar, Liar...
  3. Re-thinking Relativity
  4. Sweet Revenge
  5. The Shell Game
  6. First Aid 101
  7. An Indent In Time...
  8. Exit Flootburger
By: Vikram Vaswani, (c) Melonfire
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May 11, 2000

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Well, I'm afraid that's about all we have time for today. As always, it's been a pleasure teaching such an enthusiastic class. We'll be having a pop quiz sometime next week - do make sure that you're better prepared this time, Mr. Higgleswipe.

Those of you that have "Economics 301" with Ms. Boodlekeg may exit through the back. The rest of you - please remain seated for the first session in my new course, "Daytrading 101", in which I'll be telling you all about how the stock market is actually a conspiracy between the government and an alien race - and then showing you how to beat them at their own game, and make a few million in the process. Go on - get your popcorn, and settle down!


1. All examples/illustrations in this article have been verified on Linux/i586, kernel version 2.2.6, with vim 5.3. YMMV!

2. Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Word are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All other trademarks copyright their respective owners.

This article copyright Melonfire 2000. All rights reserved.

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