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Apache isn't just the planet's most popular Web server - it'salso one heck of a proxy server. This article explores the process ofinstalling and configuring Apache to act as a proxy server for yournetwork, demonstrating how it can be used to cache frequently-accessedWeb sites, log Internet access and block offensive domains, in additionto serving up Web content. Talk about getting two servers for the priceof one!

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By: icarus, (c) Melonfire
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June 12, 2002

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frequently-accessed Web pages to connecting clients. Apache comes with a fairly good proxy caching feature, which can be used to store Web pages on the server and use these locally-cached copies to serve client requests.

In order to enable this cache, add the following lines to your Apache 1.3 configuration file:
CacheRoot "/usr/local/apache/proxy"
CacheSize 5
CacheGcInterval 4
CacheMaxExpire 24
CacheLastModifiedFactor 0.1
CacheDefaultExpire 1
NoCache yahoo.com
Most of these are fairly self-explanatory - the CacheRoot directive sets the directory where cached files will be stored, while the other directives specify things like maximum cache size and maximum cache flush interval. It's also possible to exclude certain Web sites from being cached, via the NoCache directive.

The corresponding directives for Apache 2.0 are:
<IfModule mod_disk_cache.c>
CacheRoot "/usr/local/apache/proxy"
CacheSize 500
CacheDirLevels 5
CacheDirLength 3
Using a cache can speed up browsing on your network, as the server can use cached copies to provide faster response times to connecting clients.

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