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There are some wonderful Drupal modules that can help your site in its quest to fight spam. If you are looking to protect your email addresses from harvesting or just want to eliminate spammy posts and comments, this list is for you. Here are six of the top Drupal modules for spam prevention.

  1. Top Six Drupal Modules to Prevent Spam
  2. Three More Drupal Spam Prevention Modules
By: wubayou
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April 29, 2011

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While CAPTCHA is considered to be an effective way to combat spam, there are certain situations where the traditional image CAPTCHA is not desirable.  Situations where CPU restrictions or bandwidth restrictions exist are just two examples.  The CAPTCHA Pack module takes various CAPTCHA types and integrates them into a solid package that can be easily implemented in different situations.  The module is lightweight and easy to configure.

Here is a list of the challenges included in CAPTCHA Pack:

  • A math CAPTCHA that will ask a simple question like “one plus two equals?”  The math CAPTCHA can be configured to include addition, multiplication, and more.
  • Various text-based CAPTCHAS.  The user may be asked to pick which word does not belong in the sequence.  They may be asked to pick the correct word from a phrase.  They also may be asked to enter the missing letter into a word.

Link: http://drupal.org/project/captcha_pack


The appropriately-named Spam module allows you to protect your site from spam without having to soliciting the help of third-party services.  The module incorporates several spam filter modules into one.  The filter modules collaborate to help determine whether or not content is legitimate or if it is undesirable spam.  The content gets rated on a scale of 1 to 99.  A 99 score means that the content is 99 percent likely to be spam, while a 1 score means that it is only 1 percent likely to be spam.  The scores released by the different filter modules are averaged, and the final overall score determines the content's acceptance.

The filters are headlined by a Bayesian filter that auto-learns and analyzes the words in new content.  The Bayesian filter can also detect spam in any language.  A URL limiter auto-learns spammer websites and blocks any content linking to them.  The Node age filter associates comments on old content as spam, while the duplicate filter blocks duplicate posts and bans IP addresses associated with them. The SURBL contains a blacklist of spamming URLs.  Last, but not least, Spam allows you to create custom filters using powerful regular expressions.

To prevent the loss of misdiagnosed content, the Spam module will notify the administrator and user if any content was marked as spam.  This helps in case any confusion arises over missing content.  Users also have the ability to provide feedback if their content is incorrectly marked as spam.

Link: http://drupal.org/project/spam


Invisimail is another solid module for anyone looking to protect email addresses posted on their site from harvesting.  While its never recommended to post email addresses on public forums and similar sites, the necessity to do so does happen on occasion.  Invisimail offers a barrier of protection to make this practice less risky.

Invisimail converts email addresses to ASCII code.  Additionally, a concatenated JavaScript write command is used to optionally write the addresses to the page.  Although their HTML source is hidden, the email addresses will still appear on the page in their normal visual format.  This allows them to still be usable by actual human visitors, but keeps them shielded from spambots looking to harvest.

Link: http://drupal.org/project/invisimail

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