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This excerpt from Wrox Press Ltd.'s Professional Apache covers Chapter 8 - Improving Apache's Performance. It tells you how to configure Apache for peak performace using caching and clustering, plus much more. Buy it on Amazon.com now!

  1. Professional Apache
  2. Apache's Performance Directives
  3. Configuring Apache for Better Performance
  4. Proxying
  5. Caching
  6. Fault Tolerance and Clustering
By: Dev Shed
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May 18, 2000

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This manuscript is chapter 8 Improving Apache's Performance from the Wrox Press book Professional Apache.

Professional Apache is the book for anybody that needs to get the most out of the Apache Web Server. It provides the information needed to apply Apache to real world problems, using extensive examples. The book covers;

  • The Apache 1.3.x server, including new features in Apache 1.3.9
  • Getting Apache Installation right-whether you download or build from source
  • Configuring and tuning Apache to suit the web site you want to create.
  • Setting up Apache to deliver dynamic content efficiently and securely.
  • Adding SSL encryption support to your Apache server
  • Extending Apache with third-party modules

For further details about the book, and other books in our range, visit the Wrox Press Web Site.

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