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As a project manager, your job is very similar to the team leader from one of your favorite spy caper movies: putting together a team that has all the skills to get the job done. You will need to deal with many issues that rarely come up in a spy movie, however, such as characters who dodge work and complain about the difficulty of the job. This article will help you deal with some of these problems. It is excerpted from the book IT Project Management: On Track from Start to Finish, Second Edition by Joseph Phillips (McGraw-Hill/Osborne, 2004; ISBN: 0072232021).

  1. Organizing a Team Project
  2. Learning Is Hard Work
  3. Where Do You Live?
  4. How to Interview
  5. Phases of Team Development
  6. Use Experience
  7. Interviewing the Vendor
  8. After Hiring the Consultant
  11. Quiz Answers
By: McGraw-Hill/Osborne
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May 26, 2005

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Teamwork is the key to project management success. As a project manager, you must have a team that you can rely on, while at the same time, the team must be able to turn to you for guidance, leadership, and tenacity. When creating a team, evaluate the skills required to complete the project and then determine which individuals have those attributes to offer. Interviewing potential team members allows you to get a sense of their goals, their work ethics, and what skills they may have to offer.

Subteams are a fantastic way to assign particular areas of an IT project to a group of specialists or to a geographically based implementation. When creating subteams, communications from the project manager and the team leaders is essential. Subteams require responsible leaders on each team, and a reliable, confident project manager.

When disagreements flair among team members, you must have a plan in place before the disagreement happens. Document problems with troublesome team members in the event that a team member needs to reprimanded or removed from the team. The project sponsor should be kept abreast of the situation as the project continues.

Should the scope of the project be beyond the abilities of the internal team, the project can be outsourced. When outsourcing the project, you need to use careful consideration in your selection of an integrator. Project managers should rely on references of vendors, their ability to work with the technology, gut feelings, and word of mouth to make a decision.

Building a project team is hard work, but it is also an investment in the success of the project. Once again, the success of any project is only as good as the members on the project team.


1. When creating a project team, why must the project manager know the skills of each of the prospective team members?

A. It helps the project manager determine the budget of the project.

B. It helps the project manager determine how long the project will take.

C. It helps the project manager determine if he wants to lead the project.

D. It helps the project manager assign tasks.

2 . Of the following, which two are methods the project manager can use to assess internal skills?

A. Prior projects

B. Reports from other project teams

C. Recommendation of management

D. Projects the project manager has worked on

3 . When requesting an internal resume to recruit team members, why must the project manager use extreme caution?

A. Resumes have the connotation of getting, or keeping, a job.

B. Resumes have the connotation of pay raises.

C. Resumes have the connotation of relocating users.

D. It is illegal, within the US, to ask for a resume once the individual has been hired.

4. Of the following, which one is not an example of team development?

A. Training for the project work

B. Industry certifications

C. Team events such as rafting

D. Forming, storming, norming, and performing

5. When is training considered an expense?

A. When the cost of training is beyond the budget of an organization

B. When the time it takes to complete the training increases the length of the project beyond a reasonable deadline

C. When the training experience does not increase the ability of the team to implement the technology

D. When the training experience does not increase the individualís salary

6. The project team is in disagreement over which OS to use on a new server. The project manager tables the issues and says the decision can wait until next week. This is an example of which project management negotiating technique?

A. Confrontive

B. Yielding

C. Coercive

D. Withdrawal

7. What is the best way to create reliable, hard-working teams?

A. Fire the team members who do not perform.

B. Set the example by being reliable and hard working.

C. Promise raises to the hardest working team members.

D. Promise vacation days for all that are hard working.

8 . How is camaraderie created on a team?

A. By years of working together

B. By creating an us-against-them mentality

C. By the experiences of the team as a whole

D. By creating friendships on the team

9 . Why is the WIIFM principle a good theory to implement with project management?

A. It shows the team how the success of the project is good for the whole company.

B. It shows the team how the success of the project is good for management.

C. It shows the team how the success of the project will make the company more profitable.

D. It shows the team how the success of the project will impact each team member personally.

10. What is a subteam?

A. A specialized team that is assigned to one area of a large project or to a geographical area

B. A specialized team that will be brought into the project as needed

C. A collection of individuals that can serve as backup to the main project team

D. A specialized team responsible for any of the manual labor within a project

11. What is the key to working with multiple subteams?

A. A team leader on each subteam

B. Multiple project managers

C. Communication between team leaders and the project manager

D. Communication between team leaders, the project manager, and the project sponsor

12. Of the following, which is a good team building exercise?

A. Introductions at the kickoff meeting

B. A weekly lunch meeting

C. A team event outside of the office

D. Team implementation of a new technology over a weekend

13. Why should a project manager conduct interviews for prospective team members?

A. To determine if a person should be on the team or not

B. To learn what skills each team member has

C. To determine if the project should be outsourced

D. To determine the skills required to complete the project

14. What is the purpose of conducting interviews of existing team members? Choose two:

A. To determine if the project should be outsourced

B. To determine the length of the project

C. To determine the tasks each team member should be responsible for

D. To determine if additional team members are needed

15. When a project manager asks a vendor for an RFP, what is he asking for?

A. A Request For Proposal so a decision can be made based on price.

B. A Request For Proposal so a decision can be made based on the proposed solution to the WBS.

C. A Request For Proposal so a decision can be made based on the proposed solution for the SOW.

D. A Request For Proposal so a decision can be made based on the proposed schedule.

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