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AdministrationIf you use a content management system (CMS) to run a site, then you're probably familiar with Mambo. No, not the dance - I'm talking about Mambo CMS, a PHP-based Open Source CMS. Seeing as DevShed's CMS is based on this technology, we thought it would be appropriate to give you a sneak peak at what we use to make sure that you continually get the best development content on the web. Steven Pignataro, a highly active "Mamber" of the Mambo community, takes us on a tour of the Mambo CMS.

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By: Steven Pignataro
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January 21, 2004

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PHP: Pre-Historic Programming. This is what some say. Why? Because it is based of the old programming language C. C is one of the first programming languages to be around back in the day when computers came around. After many years, it quickly matured into C++. PHP is based off of the C language as well, since it is essentially developed from C++. But it has developed and matured to become one of the most powerful web based programming languages. As it is now the most versatile web based language out there. PHP is not just powerful but also free (as in beer). PHP runs on multiple platforms and numerous servers.

Why do people consider PHP to be prehistoric? Not very many people see the true power in what PHP can offer. Many will stick with programming languages that have call in support, such as Microsoftís ASP. Unfortunately, ASPís not free; heck, it costs an arm and a leg (figuratively speaking, of course). So why do people stick with languages such as these? Because they feel secure due to the support they receive with buying the product. What they donít realize is that thereís more support for the open source language then there is for ASP.

PHP, being open source and free, provides endless possibilities to the end user as well as to the programmer. And that is what Mambo Open Source has done. Mambo has brought PHP programming to a new level.

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