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Joomla Website Layout: A Developer's Guide

This is the third part of a Joomla web development tutorial in Ubuntu. In this part, we'll cover the customization details, with a particular focus on editing the sidebar and making the article title linkable. These are important website components.

  1. Joomla Website Layout: A Developer's Guide
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By: Codex-M
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September 13, 2010

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Make the title on the Joomla front page linkable

By default, the Joomla front page consists of a list of articles, but the title tag isn't a hyperlink pointing to the exact post's URL. Instead, Joomla relies on "read more" tags, which are not so helpful when it comes to user experience and search engine optimization.

One of the best ways to get SEO benefits in the web development stages of your Joomla website is to make the article titles linkable. This will introduce the benefit of having the targeted keywords in the anchor text.

Bear in mind that if you are not linking to the canonical article URLs, then the snippets of article content appearing on your Joomla front page introduce some kind of duplicate content issues with the exact article URLs.

The following are the steps you need to take to get this done:

Step 1. Log in as Joomla administrator.

Step 2. Go to Content ==> Article manager.

Step 3. In the Article manager, click "Parameters." This will pop up the articles' global configuration.

Step 4. Under Global Configuration, find "Title Linkable."

Step 5. Change it from No to Yes.

Step 6. Click "Save."

Step 7. Now that you have defined the global settings, go to "Menus" ==> "Main Menu."

Step 8. Click "Home."

Step 9. To your right, expand the "Parameters (Component)."

Step 10. Find "Title Linkable," and change it from "No" to "Use Global."

Step 11. Click "Apply" and then "Save."

Try viewing your Joomla website (http://localhost/joomla/). For example, using our demo Joomla website (used in the previous tutorials), below are the changes:

You might have noticed that the title tag in the screen shot above (e.g Joomla! Community Portal) has been change to a hyperlink after the adjustment.

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