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In this third part of a four-part series on the Joomla MailChimp plug-in for managing e-mail campaigns, you'll learn how to handle subscription sign-ups and manage your mailing lists.

  1. Integrating MailChimp with Joomla: List Management
  2. Managing Lists
By: Jeff Prater
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May 15, 2012

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Managing Lists

As mentioned previously, JoomlaMailer is not able to create new lists; these must be created directly in your MailChimp account. But, JoomlaMailer does allow you to manage your list by letting you import your existing Joomla! users, viewing all of your subscribers’ fields, and directly unsubscribing users when necessary. To manage your lists, log in to your Joomla! website’s administrator control panel and go to the JoomlaMailer Lists section (Components -> Newsletter -> Lists). You can also get to the Lists section by clicking the Lists tab while inside the JoomlaMailer extension.

The Lists section displays an overview of your currently created lists, including the number of subscribers and unsubscribers. Clicking the the list’s name will display all the active subscribers.

Clicking Manage under Merge Fields will let you add, modify, or delete your existing fields (first name, last name, email address, etc.). If you make any changes to your fields and want these changes to propagate to your signup module, you will need to modify the module’s parameters after saving the changes to the list.

Clicking Mange under Interest Groups allows you to collect additional information about your subscribers. Interest groups are similar to fields, except it allows you to create additional field types, including checkboxes, dropdowns, radio buttons, and even hidden fields.

MailChimp allows you create targeted campaigns by sending specific campaigns to subscribers with relevant interests. For example, if you created an interest group called “Favorite Foods,” you could add checkboxes for “Italian, Mexican, American, Asian, French.” Then you could create a campaign for your list and only send a newsletter to subscribers who like “Italian” foods. These interest groups can be added to your signup module by modifying the module’s parameters.

Clicking the numbers under the Subscribed, Unsubscribed, and Cleaned columns let you view detailed subscriber information for the list.

Because of the sheer number of available features, I can not go into detail on every one without making this article huge. I encourage you to explore and experiment with these features on your own and discover how each one works.

Be sure to come back for the conclusion of this series, when we'll discuss creating a campaign.

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