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If you've come to Linux Ubuntu from Windows, you probably left behind a few favorite computer games. You may already know that Wine can help you play them again; in some cases, however, the solution is less than perfect.That's where this tutorial can help.

  1. Configure Wine Ubuntu For Running Windows Based Games
  2. Does Wine Support the Game?
  3. Optimizing a Windows Game in Wine
  4. Implementing the Wine Recommendations for the Game
  5. Configuring Wine for Gaming: Important Note
By: Codex-M
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August 04, 2010

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Before you dive into the details of improving your gaming experience in Wine, it is important to find out if the game is supported in Linux Wine.

Not all Windows games will run perfectly in Wine. It is important to know that Windows games in Wine are classified into four categories:

  • Platinum rating – This type of Windows game, when installed correctly in Wine, will run perfectly without additional settings required.
  • Gold rating -- This type of game installs and runs perfectly in Wine, but it needs some tweaking and configuration. Once fixed, it will run perfectly, just as it should run in Windows.
  • Bronze rating – This type of game will work (install and run), but it will not run optimally, as it would run in Windows. This rating also means that the tweak to the game has not yet been discovered. If the tweak for the game has been found and it sorts out the game's problem (e.g intense lag), it will be elevated to the gold rating status.
  • Garbage rating – These games will never run in Wine. If by chance it does run, it will require an incredible number of steps to correct lots of errors appearing during the game session.

Now, as a Wine user, how can you find out whether or not your Windows game is fully supported to run in a Linux environment?

The following are the steps to ensure that your game is fully supported to run in Wine. Your aim should be at least a Gold or Platinum rating for your game, so that there will only be minimal Wine configuration settings needed, which will be discussed later in this tutorial.

Step 1. Go to this website: http://appdb.winehq.org/  This is the Wine application database.

Step 2. Under AppDB sidebar navigation, click “Browse Apps.”

Step 3. Under “Add new filter,” enter the official name of the game in the “Name” field only. Enter only the broad name, not the specific name, so that you can see more complete results. Leave the other options at their default settings.

For example, suppose I would like to play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in Linux Wine. I will only enter “Grand Theft Auto” in the name below:

Step 4. Click “Update Filter.”

Step 5. In the results, scroll down until you see the exact game name and click the link for that game name.

Step 6. Click the game version you are using under the “Version” column.

Step 7. You will now know the game rating. For example, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is rated gold. What is also important are the “test results” of the game under the Linux Ubuntu version and Wine version you are using. See example:

Based on the result in the screen shot above, if I am using Ubuntu 9.10 and playing 1.1.36, the rating is Gold. But for other versions, it went from Bronze to Garbage. This is how important it is to meet the software requirements if you want to play your game.

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