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As a manager in charge of technical professionals, I have learned that managing projects with multiple team members requires certain people skills, as well as technical skills. In the world of management, there are many skills required when it comes to the management of people. These skills, and how you apply them, vary depending on the type of business you are in, as well as the type of people whom you manage.

  1. Communications Between Technical Professionals And Their Managers
  2. Get To Know Your Team
  3. Make Your Professionals Feel Part Of Your Team
  4. Keep Your Team Productive
  5. Find The Right Size For The Job
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  8. If You Dont Like How You Are Being Managed Make Suggestions
  9. Work Well With Others
  10. Be Realistic
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By: Rich Smith
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October 06, 2003

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I mentioned before that your technical professionals donít always have the same motivations as your typical employee. For starters, technical prople are interested in having an impact. They care about getting the proper credit for their accomplishments. It is very important when working with technical people to give them praise for exceptionally good work. A few well chosen words will go a long way to please your team members, especially when you give them credit in fron of their peers.

Since your technical people are scientists or engineers by training, it stands to reason that they really enjoy to solve difficult problems. Tackling a challenge can be a very fufilling experience for a lot of technical professionals. The more you can make them feel like they are part of the solution for a big problem, the more apt they are to excel in their performance.

Technical professionals are typically nearly as motivated by the work as they are by their compensation. They like to feel as if they are part of the project, all the way up to the decision making process. When your team members feel that they contribute to your projects on a higher level, it makes them more dedicated to the success of the project. Compare this to a factory worker who does the same thing over and over all day, and watches the clock until it is time to leave. With your team excited and dedicated to the project, you have a better chance of success than the factory worker mentality of many other jobs.

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