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In the third and final article covering phpAdsNew, Harish Kamath explains how to use the program for generating the reports that advertisers love for keeping track of how their campaigns are doing. He also explains how to get some information very useful to administrators, and how to manage phpAdsNew.

  1. Banner Management With phpAdsNew (conclusion)
  2. Adding Up the Numbers
  3. From the Other Side
  4. The "Reports" module
  5. Managing phpAdsNew
By: Harish Kamath
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September 07, 2005

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So far, I've only shown one side of the picture -- the advertiserís perspective. As a publisher, you should be interested in these numbers, as well. After all, these numbers should allow you to attract new advertisers. Not surprisingly, this versatile application gives you (and other publishers that might use your instance of phpAdsNew) all the information needed to make your job(s) easier.

Click on the "Publisher & Zones" tab in the "Statistics" section to view the following:

As you might have guessed, this screen will display the data on the basis of the publishers that you've added and the zones associated with each publisher. Yes, the nature of the data remains the same -- AdViews and AdClicks along with the corresponding CTR are listed for each publisher. Just in case you've forgotten, CTR is an acronym for "Click-Through Ratio," which is the ratio of AdClicks to AdViews. The higher, the better!

Once again, you can filter the data for a specific period or alternatively, just click on a particular publisher to view specific details about a particular zone. As the name suggests, the "Zone overview" screen gives you zone-specific information,  along with an option to view the data for associated banners.

Click on a particular zone to view the "Linked banner history" screen that gives you a "daily," "weekly," or "monthly" view of the statistics for the selected zone.

Alternatively, you could click on the "Linked banner overview" tab, which in turn will display banner-specific information as shown below.

As an administrator, you're always interested in the "big picture." For example, you would definitely like to know how the websites, which you manage from your instance of phpAdsNew, are doing, right? Click the "Global history" tab on the "Statistics" section to view the following screen:

As mentioned above, this screen lists the AdViews, AdClicks and CTR for all banners that have been uploaded to the application, giving you the "complete" picture!

Finally, you have the "Miscellaneous" tab that allows you to view the statistics on the basis of the dimensions or other interesting parameters.

Whew - thatís about it as far as the "Statistics" module is concerned.  I've said this before and I'll say it again: this tool never ceases to amaze me!

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