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Using Prototip

Prototype is a popular open source JavaScript framework that is favored by many for its extensive toolset that makes implementing advanced JavaScript functionality a breeze. Prototip is a plugin for Prototype that lets you quickly and easily add fantastic-looking tooltips to your pages with a minimum of code and effort.

  1. Using Prototip
  2. Basic Implementation
  3. The Style Sheet
  4. Improving the Configuration
By: Dan Wellman
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January 28, 2009

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Prototip was developed by Nick Stakenburg and can be downloaded fromhttp://www.nickstakenburg.com/projects/prototip2/.The latest version of Prototip is 2.0.5. You can download a trial of the plugin from the link above, which can be used for testing purposes (you'll need this if you intend to follow along with the code examples in this article), but to use the plugin on single or multiple domains, you need to purchase a license.

You can also download the source files for this article in zip form.  

The plugin is licensed as Creative Commons by-nc-nd, which means that there are certain conditions that must be met to use it; specifically, you must attribute the work to the author, you may not use the plugin commercially (i.e, you may not sell it), and you may not build upon, alter or make derivatives of it.

There are a range of pricing options that should suit most developers. These are outlined below:


Single non-commercial domain

3 (approx $4 or 2)

Unlimited non-commercial domains

15 (approx $19 or 12)

Single commercial domain

49 (approx $63 or 41)

Unlimited commercial domains

295 (approx $378 or 248)

Now that we have seen what Prototip is, where it can be found, and how much it costs, let's see how easy it is to use. You'll need to unpack the downloaded plugin, and will also need to download and unpack the Prototype library, and optionally the Scriptaculous effects library. To download both Prototype and Scriptaculous in a single package, visithttp://script.aculo.us/downloadsand choose the latest version.  

We'll need to set up a basic development area for the libraries and plugins to reside in; create a new directory on your C drive called prototip. Next, unpack  the scriptaculous  zip file into this folder, which will preserve the Prototype and Scriptaculous directory structure. In the Prototip zip file there are three folders:  imagescss  and js. These can all be unpacked to the prototip  directory as well. Finally, create a new folder within the prototip folder called  pages.

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