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  • PHP DevelopmentPHP Development forum discussing coding practices, tips on PHP, and other PHP-related topics. PHP is an open source scripting language that has taken the web development industry by storm.
  • Javascript DevelopmentJavaScript Development forum discussing JavaScript and DHTML, AJAX, and issues such as coding cross-browser JavaScript.
  • PERL ProgrammingPerl Programming forum discussing coding in Perl, utilizing Perl modules, and other Perl-related topics. Perl, the Practical Extraction and Reporting Language, is the choice for many for parsing textual information.
  • Visual Basic ProgrammingVisual Basic Programming forum discussing VB specific programming information. Quickly prototype and build applications with this robust and simple language.
  • MySQL HelpMySQL Help forum discussing administration, SQL syntax, and other MySQL-related topics. MySQL is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS).


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