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More Java Bugs Lead to More Attacks in Java & J2EE
February 25, 2013
sNot even a week after Oracle sent out its latest set of Java patches, security firm Security Explorations reported two more vulnerabilities that allow hackers to bypass the language's security sandbox entirely. These flaws reported affect all versions of Java 7, including Java 7 Update 15, the latest one released.

Oracle Unveils MySQL 5.6 in MySQL
February 19, 2013
Earlier this month, Oracle released version 5.6 of MySQL, the widely popular open source database. While the latest version brings a number of significant new features and capabilities, some observers wonder if it's too little, too late as many users have been transitioning to MariaDB, a competing open source database created by the original founder of MySQL.

Python Big Data Company Gets DARPA Funding in Python
February 11, 2013
It looks as if the Python programming language has grown up. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) just spent $3 million to help fund a start-up company that is exploring and improving Python's capabilities in the areas of big data and analytics.

Oracle Java Security Woes Continue in Oracle
February 04, 2013
When it comes to Java, Oracle has been having just about the worst year ever. If there is any kind of silver lining to the company's troubles, perhaps it is the hope that Oracle is finally learning that security updates must go out as soon as they're needed, and not only at the firm's convenience.

Secure Your Business for Data Privacy Day in Security
January 28, 2013
Today is Data Privacy Day, a global celebration that commemorates the 1981 signing of the first legally binding international treaty dealing with privacy and data protection. It's a great day to evaluate your firm's data security, and consider what you and your co-workers can do to further safeguard your sensitive data.

Google Testing Security Fob Password Alternative in Security
January 21, 2013
After seeing and hearing about too many successful incidents of hacking and identity theft, one does not need to be a paranoid systems administrator to think passwords might no longer offer strong enough security. Google agrees with this sentiment, and the search giant is testing a device that could replace those pesky passwords with something more hacker-proof.

Oracle's New IaaS Cloud Option: There's a Catch in Oracle
January 15, 2013
Lately, Oracle has embraced cloud computing in a big way. The company's latest twist on its cloud infrastructure as a service is an on-demand option that incurs no large up-front costs and only a monthly fee. But you'd better take a look at the fine print before you sign on the dotted line.

Perl Turns 25 in Perl Programming
January 07, 2013
Last month, not long before all the holiday excitement set in, the programming language Perl quietly turned 25. The language has grown and changed a great deal since Larry Wall unveiled version 1. But so has the programming world in general. Is there still a place for this versatile yet infuriating open source creation?

Apache Unveils Cassandra 1.2 in Apache
January 02, 2013
Administrators of big databases, rejoice. The Apache Software Foundation just unveiled Apache Cassandra 1.2, a high-performance NoSQL database with tons of new features, including version three of the Cassandra Query Language.

Oracle Acquires Eloqua to Boost Cloud Presence in Oracle
December 24, 2012
Playing catch-up in the cloud computing arena, Oracle acquired Eloqua this month in a deal worth $871 million. Vienna-based Eloqua went public just this summer. The deal with Oracle should close during the first half of 2013.

Hackers Compromise PHP Sites to Launch Attacks in PHP
December 17, 2012
If you handle the security for a PHP-based website, pay very close attention to the security, and make sure you're using up-to-date versions of plug-ins. That's the message from Arbor Network, who reported that hackers were using PHP-based websites to launch distributed denial-of-service attacks against banks.

Security News Highlights Concerns in Security
December 10, 2012
These days, running an insecure system can leave your company facing much worse consequences than an offline website. You could face lawsuits. A recent article on a security breach at a large insurance company brings that issue into focus. Keep reading to see how Nationwide is trying to do the right thing.

MySQL Vulnerabilities Threaten Databases in MySQL
December 03, 2012
Over the weekend, a prominent developer and security professional released some uncomfortable information to the Full Disclosure mailing list for MySQL open source database project. He revealed information and exploits for a number of MySQL vulnerabilities that could let attackers gain access to a database and execute malicious code.


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